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The world is in perfect balance!

When considered as a whole, the world is in perfect balance. Perhaps this sounds impossible, especially if you see aggression, war, repression and poverty continuously worsening. But what is perfect balance?

All things are made up of energy, and one of the important truths is that there are always two poles of energy. These two opposite poles are connected and need each other in order to function. All matter is made up of energy, and so are occurrences. Things occur simultaneously in opposites, for example the principle of duality; the Yin-Yang. When you add up the sum of different energies in the universe these energies will compensate each other. This is perfect balance.

However ...

If we look at one side of this energy separately from the other, then we see imbalance. This one individual part cannot exist by itself alone. It always needs the other opposite to create balance. Most of the time, human beings create balance with others, thoughts or material things. This balance can only exist with conditions. Everything that is connected with conditions creates unrest and fear of lack. If you look around, you can see that in one part of the world more freedom is granted but this is always paired with more repression in another part of the world. Or if there are more food shortages and poverty on one side you will see more wealth and wastage on the other side. Briefly; there is a constant balancing of opposite poles of energy. The principle works with beautiful and ugly, good and bad, rich and poor, perpetrator and victim, God and the Devil.

What is true and what is seemingly true?

Often, the balance that we want to achieve with another person or object is not a true balance. This means that other conditions are needed in order to achieve this balance. As a result of that, our greatest fear is to lose that energy. The effect of this can often be felt as a nagging feeling of unrest and fear of lack. Pure and true balance always comes without conditions, and it is an energy you can never lose. This applies to love, happiness, abundance and freedom.

The purpose of duality

Duality can be described as two opposing events, in terms of energy this means two opposite poles of energy that are dependent on each other, attract each other, and are in balance. In order to function properly, deficiencies in this balance will be compensated by attraction from the opposite force. In itself, duality can be seen as useless and useful at the same time. Through duality we experience different states of mind. And being different is useful because without duality everything would be the same and we would not experience the feelings that stimulate our awareness. Often these feelings are of discomfort, dissatisfaction, or pain and we need these feelings in order to learn and evolve. Progress is often the direct result of dissatisfaction. Once people are aware that this mechanism is in place they can strive to use other mechanisms that are positive. Pain and anxiety are not necessary anymore.

As you become conscious you will gain insight into the duality of events. One pole is within you; the other comes from somewhere else. This outside pole acts as a mirror and contributes to the understanding that you gain about conditions that complicate your life. Once you address these issues the complications stop as you take charge.

This explanation may seem complicated or even strange, but once you begin to understand the insights from the book Playground Earth “Game of Life” it will sound more logical. You will gain understanding of why so many different races, religions, philosophies and ideals exist and why they are so opposed to each other and set on imposing their will or truths on others by any means possible.

No A without B, also no B without A

As was described previously, regardless of the combinations or circumstances, all energy is ultimately in balance and together the two poles of energy are always complete. Because of their complexity they interact with and against each other, forming a large interwoven network of energies. As a result of this complex mechanism it is impossible to determine a correct sequence for starting an explanation. There is no correct order in which to begin, as in many cases in order to understand subject A you must already understand subject B. Unfortunately, in order to understand B you must already understand A. In this example, I have only used A and B, but in life there are many themes that are tightly interwoven and can only be understood as a single entity. You may surmise that it is therefore necessary to be able to read the book all in one go as the book has no real beginning or end. However, it is absolutely essential that you read and experience the book in the order in which it is written, so that you get the most out of it.

While reading the book, it is extremely likely that you will experience feelings of disbelief or misunderstanding. Having doubts is not a problem, as long as you keep an open mind. If you continue reading you will experience moments of insight and understanding. Once you immerse yourself in the book you will often think to yourself: “Why haven’t I thought about it before? It’s so simple!”

Back to the basic word

Words are one of the most important forms of communication. Through the ages the meanings of words have been twisted, altered, misused and wrongly interpreted. It will not surprise you that words and their energies have conflicting meanings. If you listen carefully to the words that are used you will notice that when someone answers “yes” they may have meant “no”. The actual meaning of a word has become far removed from what we really feel. Therefore, it is very important that we go back to the true meaning of words.

An excellent example of a word that is misinterpreted is “unconditional”. Often people say they are giving or receiving unconditional love. When you think about the conditions that must be met in order to receive unconditional love, you realize that the unconditional love suddenly becomes conditional. It is these conflicting words and feelings that many of us no longer notice. The impact of many words has become exaggerated. Take words such as “healing” and “enlightenment”. These are words that often take on more meaning than what they truly reflect. For example, when you create your own inner balance you lose your dependence on others. You release yourself directly from unrest and fear of losing it and fear of lack. And this is healing, a process of enlightenment. It would be unfortunate not to heal yourself, because a life with false freedom, false love and false happiness will create fear, unrest, trauma and the return of many such unbearable events.

Your responsibility

Freedom and happiness is the birthright of every individual, without exception. Freedom is inseparable from responsibility. Responsibility is a consequence of being free but many give it away to someone else out of fear. In many cases it is because the individual would rather shift the blame for failure or inability to resolve a situation to someone or something else. This someone else may be a partner, the neighbors, an employer, the bank or the government. It might even be your own or another person’s faith. Not taking responsibility is often rooted in the subconscious. This behavior has been part of us for so long, as long as humanity exists, that we do not notice it anymore.

Because everything has duality, the opposing energies fuel each other. When there is a failure to take responsibility, whether this is wholly or partly, consciously or subconsciously, there will always be someone else to take over this responsibility. Therefore, the circle is completed and the energy is balanced. When someone takes over this responsibility there is a chance that this person in turn will be misused by someone else.

So there are consequences for not taking your responsibilities. Often, not taking responsibility makes many feel secure, but it also makes them vulnerable to oppression and abuse. They do not see that this vulnerability is caused by their own decision not to take responsibility for their actions in the first place. But now the time is right to reclaim our birthright for self-determination. The book Playground Earth “Game of Life” will help you gain insights into your own behavior so that responsibility and freedom are within reach.

Waiting to be redeemed

In many faiths, believers are awaiting the arrival of a redeemer or savior who will end their pain and suffering. This savior has many names, for example: the Messiah or the fifth Buddha, but he can have any number of names depending on the particular religion. The pain and suffering that people experience is often caused by their lack of awareness. We create our own suffering, as a result of our own unconscious behavior. And by waiting for the redeemer we shift the responsibility to another. As this redeemer has not come yet, we continue to wait for the redemption and continue with our life full of suffering. In this example, just to remove the effect, without fully understanding the cause, would be senseless, and the effect would quickly return. Redemption by another is not going to happen.

Just to clarify the story of the redeemer, take an example of a child that has just started school. This child will spend many years of study at a school in order to get somewhere. If the child experiences his school years as meaningless, boring, and horrible he will suffer for many years. This suffering could lead to different diseases, pains or maybe a trauma. How can this child be saved from his pains? Giving the child a diploma will remove all his suffering. The child will be free and happy because there will be no need to attend school anymore. But has he actually learnt anything? Due to the lack of knowledge, the child will surely experience suffering again in the future. This is exactly the same principle that would apply if a redeemer took away all the suffering from this world.

In summary, the worldwide suffering of human beings can only be ended by awareness. This means recognition of all processes happening in the subconscious, and creating an understanding of the sequence of cause and effect. Therefore, every single person needs to learn about this by himself. So why would you wait!

The Holy Grail

The Holy Grail is described as a powerful and physical object. According to different myths and legends, the owner will gain magical powers and will become almighty. Therefore, people have been searching for this artifact for a long time. Their ultimate purpose is to use their power and authority on everyone and everything. However, this kind of power is exactly the opposite of being almighty. Power is often born out of fear, and therefore can be described as impotence. Real power is unconditional and does not depend on others. For this reason the physical object of the Holy Grail will never be found.

This means that the Holy Grail is not a physical object but a science. It is information about our entire existence, which is spread as a code throughout the world. With this code and the science, brought together in the book Playground Earth “Game of Life”, you will have the tools to regain control of your life. Your release from subconscious habits will become a reality. Your awareness will be awakened and you will be able to rely on your own newfound energies. You will learn not to be dependent on others and to give them the freedom they deserve. This is the start of true omnipotence and freedom. This book is not The Holy Grail, but the new insight will give you the power to lead a pure and unconditional free life, and that is the power of almightiness.

The Apocalypse and the future

For many centuries people have been fascinated by the end of the world. Throughout history the apocalypse and what will come to pass has been foretold. It has been seen as the day of reckoning, as the last judgment. To support this view, ancient writings from different cultures, and daily occurrences are said to reflect the coming of such an event. However, many of these stories are half-truths based on incomplete or undisclosed information. People that spread these notions always do so for personal gain, whether it be financial or in order to reduce and hide their own fears and insecurities. In this world, where everyone has to be better than everyone else, fear and insecurity are seen as weak points. And those who spread this kind of fear by telling untrue stories create more fear and insecurity in other people. This results in other people having more fear than the person spreading the stories. And every aware and unaware fearful person will always follow someone with less or no fear

As the lust for power grows, more fear has to be spread, and the date of December 21st 2012 was the perfect opportunity to do that. Never before have there been so many concerns about a date in history. In the years leading up to this date there were so many doomsday scenarios proposed on the World Wide Web that the world seemed to have become mad itself! Part of the cause was the internet itself, as people can post their thoughts and these are picked up by many other people who in turn reflect on them. There are many programs in place to monitor the actions of people on the internet. The information is used by companies to make products that appeal to consumers. In turn, this has led to many movies and documentaries about the impending apocalypse. Nevertheless, many did not believe the stories, but the quantity of information on the internet and other media shows us what is going on in the minds of many. However, no one wants to be “weak” and therefore no one expresses feelings of concern or fear.

In the end, the half-truths proposed became accepted as the truth. In the case of the Mayan calendar, this is an endless calendar which is cyclical in nature. The 21st of December was the end of the old cycle, an end which was wrongly explained as the end of the Mayan calendar. This information, combined with other prophecies and religious predictions, was the perfect fuel for the creation of uncertainty and fear. The desired effect was to create fear in order to gain power. This has been an effective mechanism throughout the ages and it always will be this way unless people decide not to be fearful anymore. In order to spread more fear, people also use the prevailing and growing unrest as an indication of The End of Times. But the rise of unrest has nothing to do with a natural catastrophe or the Apocalypse. It is just a logical consequence of growth. Take the years between 1650 and 1960. In this period the world population grew from 0.5 billion to 3 billion. In the 52 years after 1960, the population grew exponentially to 7 billion. This means in only 362 years there has been a population increase of 1300%. This indicates a direct increment in the number of people who live their lives in fear, oppressed and un-free. And that’s not all. In our current life we are connected via a super-fast media system. News from all over the world can reach us in seconds. Compared with the past, the media also creates far more unrest. In summary, the fear and unrest is the result of the destructive energy of human beings and is not created by nature.

Humans are powerful beings, so powerful that they are able to destroy the whole planet Earth. The current growth of fear, anxiety and lack of freedom is most likely to be the reason that mankind will create his own End of Times. Imagine what could happen if we did not use this force of energy against each other. Envision how the world would be and what a great new experience we could create.

The purpose of mankind

Our purpose as humans is to learn from many different experiences shaped by many events and happenings in our lives. Once people have gathered enough experience they can use it to gain another level of understanding and evolution. Often these breakthroughs happen when times are unsteady and restless.

The unrest and unsatisfied feelings we perceive are a signal and announcement of the possibility of a completely new level in evolution. This announcement will exponentially grow until most human beings perceive it. This reinforcement will be related to a performance-oriented lifestyle and a way of thinking. Furthermore, many institutions, organizations and public authorities have been affected in such a way that they do not fulfill their original purpose anymore. Altogether, this creates sources of increasing power, misuse, anxiety and unrest. This may go on for a long time because every human being has the adaptability to accept more pain and suffering - something you will recognize in the phrase “That’s the way things are.” However, eventually, every person reaches his breaking point where pain and suffering become too much. At this point a huge risk arises as unrest and dissatisfaction become so strong that people choose to fight against injustice. This is a moment of chaos, which can easily be followed by a revolution. By adaptation to suffering human beings can slow down the progress of evolution, but they never have the ability to stop the process completely. Awareness, together with their own responsibility will come nonetheless, even after a war or revolution. However, this is the most painful way.

Currently, we can change the unrest and fear of lack only if we choose the path of awakening. And awakening means to be aware of all feelings registered by your body, to know what you think, and especially to experience everything that happens in the subconscious. With all the new insights from the book Playground Earth “Game of Life”everyone has the possibility to create a life with awareness. And it will be a pleasure to take full responsibility for your own life. This is the way to reach a new and higher level in our evolution. It is a great new level with unknown discoveries and great new experiences based on pure freedom, love and abundance.

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