Playground Earth®

The guidelines to our existence

Have you ever been curious about why we exist and how our existence works?

About the reasons for and the consequences of our actions and the things we say and think? Is there possibly a plan for life and living, or is life random and unorganized and are we just doing what is expected of us, whereby we follow other people’s example? What is our purpose in life? Is it always to accumulate more wealth and always to be better than others? Or is there something else worthwhile? Have you ever had questions about the way that our lives are shaped, and are you trying to find answers to these questions? In this busy era with its uncertainties, in which nothing stays the same for long, it may be time to take the next step in your evolution. How do you do that? Knowledge and understanding of how the world works are crucial in understanding what is going on so that we can choose a life with freedom and happiness instead of a life with fears and uncertainties.

This is the difference between evolution and revolution!

These two words only differ by one single letter, but they indicate two completely different meanings. One results in growth and the other in destruction.

Have you ever thought about this before?

Our planet and everything on it consists of energy. The secrets of the structure and working mechanism of this complex system have been well kept, but the book Playground Earth “Game of Life” will shed light on how things actually come to pass and how you can play a part in this and shape the future of the world. It is a handbook of your destiny.

Through technology, scientific and spiritual insights and exploration of the present and past, the origin of all that exists will be discovered. This will serve as a starting point for the explanation of how things will become in future. Illustrations will be used to help you understand the concepts presented. It is not necessary to have much technical, scientific or spiritual knowledge in order to understand them. Curiosity and an open mind are all that is required.

After reading about the theories that are developed in the book you will gain an understanding about the world and how it actually works. This insight will give information about your place in the world and how you are a part of a greater whole. Life will never be the same because through your understanding you will be able to influence events to determine their outcome, so that your needs will be met. This will be the birth of your freedom; the direct foundation for a new world based on values such as truth, equality and unconditional love.

This will be the next step in the evolution of humanity.

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